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OPPOSITE MAN – Read the Back Cover

“We are not defined by the adversities in our lives We are defined by how we manage them”

Rob R. Morris, author of Decoding Your Past: A Guide to Happiness and Success through Self-Understanding, takes you on another breathtaking journey—through the abuse he suffered as a child and to a pivotal turning point when he nearly committed suicide. How did he avoid living an unhappy life plagued with anxiety, anger, and depression? He became the Opposite Man.

The adversities of your past will change your course forever. You must recognize when that path is unhealthy and unfulfilling, and you must get off that path. Opposite Man is not merely about moving on with your life beyond that of an average or mediocre life. Opposite Man is about achieving a fulfilling life beyond what statistics would consign us to due to past abuse or trauma. Opposite Man is about living an extraordinary life.

In Opposite Man, you will learn how to:

• Overcome and heal from your past abuse and adversities.

• Take complete control of your life today.

• Conquer negative emotions of abuse: anger, anxiety, and depression.

• Develop five key characteristics that will change your life forever.

• Take easy steps to cultivating long lasting happiness.

• Create a mindset that will change your outcome.

• Turn your adversities into your advantages.

• Find your true purpose and meaning in life.

You can take control of your life today. Opposite Man provides an easy to read and practical approach to changing your life forever. Discover the happy and enriched life you deserve.


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