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Decoding Your Past: A Guide to Happiness and Success Through Self-Understanding

“Decoding Your Past” is a book about overcoming and making change in your life. It’s more than a story about a boy who went through many terrible things in his life; abuse, abandonment, depression just to name a few. It’s a story of how that boy had a significant life changing event. He made changes and put himself on a completely different path than he was heading. He struggled to overcome his issues through sheer determination. It’s ultimately a story of happiness and success despite the dismal beginning. The book serves as a guide for others to make significant changes in their lives by changing their patterns of behavior and creating a new direction.


One of the most important aspects to putting my life on a new path was understanding how I got to the point I was at. Not to spoil the book, but at one point in my life I contemplated suicide. Not just fleeting thoughts of suicide, but actually intending on doing harm to myself. I needed to understand why I was at that low and desperate point so I had to understand the roadmap which led me there. I quickly realized that in order to change the direction I was heading, I had to get off the path I was on. Moreover, I needed to understand how I got on that path to begin with.I am a strong believer in the idea that we must understand where we have come from to understand where we are going. We can’t change our patterns of behavior if we can’t understand why we do the behaviors we do. We can’t change our thoughts if we don’t understand why we think the way we do. All of this is dictated by our past experiences. This was such an important revelation to me yet it was nowhere in the pages of the books I read. So that became the underline focus of the book. In fact, that’s where the title “Decoding Your Past” originated.

In the end, the book is a common sense approach to bringing about change in your life; putting your life on a path to happiness and success through a true self-understanding. It contains real life examples and strategies, not clinical psychology talk. The strategies can literally be applied to any issues in your life, minor to severe. I don’t discuss concepts of psychology; I provide a common sense approach to understanding your past, changing your patterns of behavior and putting your life on a new path.

Enjoy the book!


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